(I can’t deal with this blog, my inspiration is dead. It had a good run but at the rate things are moving I think it’s over for these guys. Maybe some day I’ll change my mind…sadly, it’s grim. Utmost everyone moved on so it’s my time to do so I think, good bye guys.)

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(sorry for the lack of activity!)

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Are you back on track yet, urfbownd? It's just I get sad without it! :( Please get better soon

(Uh…I’m in a situation where I can only use my non-dominant hand, but if thus far the art I have done meets the standard of this blog to you, the audience, I CAN resume, if everyone’s down about it I mean. It takes me a lot longer to draw now but from what I’ve gathered thus far I would guess I might even be ambidextrous, just not as practiced.

But really, people miss this blog? Its strange how there’s that attachment! You see, this started as me just fooling around xD

I really do miss these guys though! I was hoping to get back even before the planned area in May, when I would be able to go righty. If you’re okay with digital, rougher art for it then I guess I could draw again, the box has been filled to rough numbers after all…

Thing is my usual traditional takes way longer now, like 4 times as long, and it still doesn’t look as good)

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DTMG AUs I like most by Kittychan2005

1st off It’s been awhile from the last time I did any dtmg fanarts
and 2nd off I better make a note I DO NOT OWN THESE all I did was draw these scribblesgo gift the people who made these AUs love they needs it yep yep

(ahhhhh thank you! Sorry I just seen this now!)

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Billy, you remind me of the babe... the babe with the power...

(I spit out my juice)

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(its been a while)

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Why have you not been unpdating this blog D:

(I got injured about a week ago as well as I’ve been pretty sick recently)

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The reversal AU is really important and I don’t draw it as much as I should

(Aw, this is so cute! Thank you, a lot!)

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(This blog is on hiatus for a little while sorry guys. I’ll be writing for the story for the time being, maybe even finish it.)

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(Oh nono no baby no)

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